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Do Some Detective Work To Determine Who Has Stolen Items From Your Home

If you have recently noticed items are missing from your home, including pieces of jewelry and clothing, and you are sure that you haven't misplaced the items and fear that your housekeeper, gardener, or handyman have been pilfering your belongings, do some detective work to crack the case at hand with the following options. Knowing for sure who took the items will prevent you from falsely accusing an innocent person and will provide you with peace of mind. 

Utilize Video Surveillance Devices

Security devices can be hooked up inside and outside of your home and will put an end to future theft. If your employees are left at your home for several hours each day, you will be able to keep track of their daily routines and times that they enter or exit your home. If a small surveillance camera is installed on either side of your home's front door, any new items that are being taken may be spotted as one of your workers leave and you will be able to apprehend the person and show them video proof that will encourage them to give you back your possessions.

If you have a video surveillance camera connected to your phone, program the camera so that it updates you when new footage has been recorded. By doing so, you will never miss out on what is occurring inside of your home. 

Lay Out Decoys To Lure The Culprit

If you believe that tempting the culprit will help you pinpoint who is guilty of theft, lay out some faux jewelry pieces or fashionable clothing in rooms inside of your home. Create a haphazard pile of items so that the individual will think that you won't notice if any items are missing. Write a list of the jewelry pieces and types of clothing that are being planted. After returning home for the day, inspect the items to determine if any of them are missing. View video footage if some items on the list are missing so that you can identify the person who is guilty of stealing.

Comment About Particular Items And Notice Responses

Speak nonchalantly to each of your workers at random times to determine how each person responds. During each session, briefly mention one of the jewelry pieces or garments that are missing and insinuate that you are planning on wearing the particular item to an upcoming function. If the person on the receiving end does not seem too enthused by what you are saying or doesn't show any sudden changes in their facial features, they may not be the person who is responsible for taking your possessions.

However, if the person seems to be agitated and avoids looking you directly in the eyes, they could possibly be the person responsible for stealing. Continue digging a little deeper before directly asking them if they took the items from your home. Visit a site like for more help.